“A BIG Win for employees and S.W. Rodgers”

Last Wednesday night 4/20/16, S.W. Rodgers employees enjoyed a night of celebration among industry friends. The annual “HCCA Safety and Infrastructure Awards” dinner was held at Chantilly National Golf & Country Club and S.W. Rodgers employees shined bright for all to see.

The first win of the night came in the form of a trucking operations award. This award recognizes outstanding safe work practices for gross vehicle weight of over 26,000 and between 351,000-700,000 miles of operation. S.W. Rodgers Trucking Superintendent Bill Hogue received this award on behalf of our trucking fleet. Statistics given at the ceremony included “over 3,000,000 miles driven with four total accidents.” What an amazing exhibit of safety, especially considering the Northern Virginia driving environment. A big THANK YOU! to all SWR drivers who exhibit these exceptional safety habits. Our drivers move mountains over the roads, they clear highways from snow and ice, they set the bar high for our industry and they do it all while exhibiting safe working practices.

2016 Safe Employee Award Kurt






The second win of the night was a “2016 Safe Employee” award presented to William R. (Billy) Smith. This recognition by the HCCA is very personal and is only given to a select few. Billy joins this elite group of people who demonstrate exemplary efforts to promote and realize a safe working environment. Applicants for this award must, consistently demonstrate excellent safety practices, suggest improvements of current safety practices and demonstrate safe working practices to others. If Billy’s name was in the dictionary those attributed would describe him perfectly. As humble as Billy is, he should not take this award lightly. The applicant pool stretches from over 150 member firms and over 26,000 eligible employees. It takes a lot worthiness and dedication to beat those odds and Billy did it. Congratulations Billy, and another big THANK YOU for helping to keep our roads safe and for the training that you instill in others to do the same.

2016 Safe Employee Award Billy2016 Safe Employee Award







The third win of the night came in a new category, “Excellence in Infrastructure.” S.W. Rodgers was awarded for the category of projects valued from $1,000,000 – $5,000,000. The project selected this year was “Trailhead Drive Phases 1-3.” To accept this award was the team that helped build the project, including Foreman Jimmy Mullins, Superintendent Timmy Ratcliff and Project Manager T.J. Rodgers. Multiple applications were submitted in this category, but it was SWR’s site that shined brighter than the rest. A panel of judges reviewed all the applications and discussed multiple criteria for what makes “Excellence in Infrastructure,” including; challenges overcome, scheduling restraints, land use and environment restraints, weather conditions overcome, total appeal and many other criteria. S.W. Rodgers’ “Trailhead Drive” was a site that included many of those tough conditions, but through teamwork, experience and good old fashioned elbow grease we were chosen as the best. Another job well done to everyone involved.

2016 Safe Employee Award 3RD Award

As you can see this was a great night to be an S.W. Rodgers team member, congrats to all the 2016 award recipients.

2016 Safe Employee Award table 1

2016 Safe Employee Award Table 2

2016 Safe Employee Award All