Clearing & Grubbing

Site Clearing and Grubbing Services

Fast and Meticulous Removal of All Vegetation on Site

S.W. Rodgers serves customers throughout Virginia with specialized vegetation removal and grubbing services, clearing hundreds of acres of land annually in our area. We maintain expert grubbing and vegetation clearing crews, equipped with the best equipment available in our industry. Ensuring site clearing and grubbing is done right the first time is crucial to keeping any site development project on track, so we strive to deliver maximum precision, performance, and safety on every job site.

Site Clearing Debris Recycling

 Our grubbing and site clearing efforts create an extensive amount of waste, from tree stumps and limbs to wood chips and shavings, and we are pleased to recycle all of this debris. All tree stumps and limbs we remove are ground into mulch with our in-house grinding equipment, and we send out the lumber we remove to be used for building materials. We are proud to help ensure that all of the natural resources we remove from job sites are effectively utilized rather than being misused or wasted.

Safety First at S.W. Rodgers

Our Unmatched Commitment to Safety

At S.W. Rodgers, “safety first” is more than just a slogan: it’s an ideal we strive to uphold every day and in every aspect of our operations. With site clearing and grubbing projects, safety is an especially important issue. Our crews always wear the proper safety gear, use top-quality, well-maintained equipment, and maintain close communication to avoid unsafe situations. Our commitment to safety is demonstrated by our company’s outstanding safety record, which helps set us apart from other site clearing and vegetation removal companies in our area.

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