Trucking Capabilities at S.W. Rodgers

Moving Material with Our Dedicated Trucking Fleet

At S.W. Rodgers, we have built a large fleet of dump trucks, demo trailers, and more, giving us the ability to move vast quantities of dirt and other materials from site to site. We are proud to operate one of the most extensive earth moving fleets in our region, and all of our vehicles are carefully maintained by our in-house staff of mechanics in our fully-equipped maintenance facility at our Gainesville, VA headquarters. We have been moving millions of cubic yards of material yearly for decades, so we have all of the experience needed to perform any earthmoving project efficiently, accurately, and reliably.

A Proud VDOT Contractor

As the local construction industry slows significantly in the winter, we are pleased to repurpose our trucking fleet for use as snow plows and salt spreaders, helping the VDOT keep our roads clear. We have all of the company-owned plows and spreading equipment needed to transform our dump trucks into winter service vehicles that are crucial for maintaining the Northern Virginia road network after accumulation of snow and ice. We take pride in performing this service for our local residents, helping the regional economy continue to function smoothly in the event of wintry weather.

A Special Emphasis on Safety

Skilled Drivers, Proper Maintenance, Proven Procedures

Our company’s unique dedication to safety extends to all aspects of our trucking fleet and our earthmoving efforts every day. Our team of drivers are among the most experienced and skilled available, specializing in handling the largest vehicles and the heaviest oversized loads with precision and care. We keep our fleet well maintained to reduce the risk of dangerous mechanical issues while on the road. All of this combines with our extensive safety training program and daily safety initiatives, helping us maintain our remarkable safety record with all of our earthmoving jobs.

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