Siltation & Erosion Control

Siltation and Erosion Control Services

Providing the Necessary Environmental Protection

S.W. Rodgers is a specialized erosion control company, handling the siltation and stormwater control measures that are required for site development projects throughout Virginia. Our experienced erosion and sediment crews excel at installing such stormwater and siltation control measures in precise accordance with local, state, and federal requirements, delivering consistent, high-quality results. As the regulations and requirements governing erosion control continue to expand and become more complex, our expertise is an increasingly valuable resource for the smooth and timely completion of site development projects.

Our Erosion Control Capabilities

We are capable of providing a full range of siltation and erosion control equipment and measures, depending upon the specific provisions within each unique site plan. This includes installing silt fences, super silt fences, tree protection, diversion dikes, sediment basins, silt traps, safety fences, and temporary and permanent seeding.

Thorough and Accurate Service

Benefit from the S.W. Rodgers Approach

Our company’s philosophy is built upon delivering the utmost quality and attention to detail in every project at all times. This applies especially to our erosion control and siltation services due to the extensive set of government relations surrounding environment concerns and the possible time and budget overrun consequences associated with the failure to comply. Our erosion control measures pass inspection at an exceptionally high rate, helping us keep our customers’ site development projects on track while thoroughly protecting the local environment.

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