• Josh Allen Receives “Under 40 In Construction Equipment” Award!


    The 10th annual “Under 40 in Construction Equipment Awards” have been announced by Construction Equipment Magazine and S.W. Rodgers Company is excited to congratulate our very own Josh Allen as being named one of the 15 nation-wide award winners included in the Class of 2022.  The awards are presented to professionals in the construction equipment industry throughout the country for leadership skills, inventiveness, interpersonal skills, training, dedication, personal integrity, technical skills, and industry and community involvement.  Josh was nominated for his contributions as an instructor at Lord Fairfax Community College’s Heavy Equipment Operator Fast-Track Career Training Program. He is known as a “Trail Blazer” by the LFCC staff due to his willingness to become the program’s very first instructor. Josh was not only the first instructor for the program but was also instrumental in developing the program for high school, online, and work release students. He is receiving this award because he is a great example of the diverse and vital talent that will lead our industry into the future. His commitment and passion have brought much needed talent to the construction industry and have been instrumental in developing a successful Heavy Equipment Operator Program.  On behalf of Construction Equipment Magazine, Kurt Rodgers, Chuck Rodgers, Miriam Pearson and Donna Comer, (LFCC Program Manager for the HEO Training Program) presented Josh with a commemorative plaque as recognition of his talent, knowledge, hard work and dedication. Congratulations Josh! 

  • SWR Inclement Weather Announcement for 12-17-2020

    DELAYED ARRIVAL – The office will be open Thursday December 17th, 2020. Employees should report to the office no later than 10 a.m. For unscheduled leave contact the Payroll Department at: 703-591-8400

  • 2021 Safe Employee Award recipient John Harmon

    John Harmon and Chris Butler pose for a quick picture with the HCCA’s 2021 Safe Employee Award trophy

    The HCCA’s “2021 Safe Employee Award” was presented to John Harmon on April 6th, 2021, via Zoom teleconference. This recognition by the HCCA is a very personal award and has only been given to a select few. John joins this elite group of professionals who demonstrate exemplary efforts to promote and realize a safe working environment. SWR’s safety department, led by Chris Butler, recognized John’s commendable performance and submitted his application to the HCCA Safety Committee for review.  Applicants for this award must consistently demonstrate excellent safety practices, suggest improvements of current safety practices and demonstrate safe working practices to others. John’s ability to maneuver a lowboy semi-trailer loaded with heavy equipment through the congestion of Northern Virginia without incident is nothing short of incredible. The applicant pool stretches from over 160 member firms and over 32,000 eligible employees. Congratulations John, your dedication and service did not go unnoticed. Sincere thanks to the HCCA’s Safety Committee for this recognition. 

  • FFCRA Document


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    Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act)