Stone Placement & Asphalt Paving

Stone Placement and Asphalt Paving Services

Efficiency, Precision, Quality, and Performance from S.W. Rodgers

S.W. Rodgers is renowned in our area for our ability to place base stone and asphalt quickly, reliably, and accurately at our job sites throughout Virginia. We make use of the latest 3D computer modeling technology to develop the most exacting plans possible, enabling us to manage our paving projects with the utmost performance and precision. Our crews consistently lay millions of tons of base stone and asphalt annually, giving us the experience needed to be a trusted road builder in our region.

Expert Logistics Management

The scheduling and logistics management required for efficient stone placement and asphalt paving jobs is often one of the biggest challenges associated with site development projects. At S.W. Rodgers, we maintain strong relationships with material suppliers, quarries, and pavers, and our top-level logistics management abilities produce the best results consistently. We strive to ensure paving is completed quickly after stone placement, keeping our jobs on schedule so our customers can transition to the next phases of their projects as efficiently as possible.

Safety Comes First at S.W. Rodgers

Discover Our Unrivaled Commitment to Safety

We believe that productivity and safety go hand in hand throughout site development projects, and stone placement and asphalt paving is no exception. Maintaining clean and well-organized job sites, along with daily implementation of safety procedures, helps enhance our crew’s performance in addition to their safety. We are incredibly proud to have built a sterling reputation in our industry for our safety efforts, and we strive to uphold our unmatched dedication to safety every day at every job site.

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