Drilling & Blasting

Drilling and Blasting Services

Preparing Job Sites for Excavation and Earthwork

S.W. Rodgers offers comprehensive drilling and blasting services to customers throughout the Northern Virginia area. We are proud to work with many top-tier subcontractors, and our relationships enable us to extend the highest quality drilling and blasting services available in our region to our customers. Overseeing the blasting of as much as 750,000 cubic yards of rock yearly, our vast experience enables us to complete virtually any drilling and blasting project efficiently, effectively, safely, and reliably.

Complete Drilling and Blasting Capabilities

We provide a full set of drilling and blasting services, tailored precisely to the specific requirements of each unique project and site. Our capabilities include mass blasting, trench blasting, and hoe ramming. We also offer boulder busting services, blasting large rocks into smaller, more manageable pieces for facilitated excavation and removal. With every project, our drilling and blasting crews make use of the latest technology, equipment, and techniques, ensuring the most precise results possible. We are also pleased to provide rock rushing services with our in-house equipment to meet the demands inherent in today’s job sites. Rock crushing gives us the ability to utilize on-site materials and avoid costly import and export expenses.

Upholding Our Focus on Safety

Acting with Care throughout the Blasting Process

At S.W. Rodgers, we require that our subcontractors share our dedication to safety on the job site. This focus on safety is evident through each phase of drilling and blasting projects, from planning the blast to handling explosives properly, carefully securing the blast site, and maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations. Our subcontractors have received a long list of industry awards for safety over the years and continue to operate with the utmost care throughout our drilling and blasting projects.

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