Earthwork Excavation

Earthwork Excavation Services

S.W. Rodgers is Your Trusted Excavation and Earthwork Contractor

At S.W. Rodgers, we are pleased to maintain the most efficient and productive excavation crews in Virginia, making us your ideal partner for earthwork excavation projects of any size or scope. We train our highly-experienced personnel to complete earthmoving projects effectively within scheduled timeframes, so we excel in meeting our customers’ needs. Earth excavation is a passion for our crew leaders, and this passion helps us perform at production rates which are unmatched in our region.

Top-Quality in-House Equipment

We believe that we must equip our crews with the very best equipment available to achieve the best results, so we have assembled an unparalleled collection of top-quality in-house earthmoving equipment. We are also committed to maintaining all of our equipment properly, from loaders to bulldozers, graders, dump trucks, scrapers, and beyond. Our extensive manpower and our huge array of quality equipment enable us to complete all projects accurately, on time, and within budget.

Safety Comes First at S.W. Rodgers

Discover Our Dedication to Safety on the Job Site

Working with huge pieces of heavy equipment and massive volumes of earth every day exposes our personnel to constant risk, so we are dedicated to protecting the safety of all of our employees to the very best of our abilities. Our safety training program is carefully designed to provide all of the information and resources our workers, operators, and supervisors need to maintain a safe and productive job site. We have one of the best safety records in our industry due to our unmatched commitment to the safety of our employees.

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