Utility Installation

Subsurface Utility Installation Services

S.W. Rodgers Specializes in Laying Pipe and More

We are proud to deliver expert utility installation services, specializing in laying storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water pipe in Northern Virginia. We maintain dozens of pipe crews, each with all of the needed equipment, enabling us to tackle a wide range of subsurface utility installation projects simultaneously. Together, our crews lay miles of underground pipe per year for public and private sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water lines throughout our region. As a trusted utility installation leader, our quality and experience gives us the edge when tackling the most challenging projects

Experience, Training, and Equipment

At S.W. Rodgers, we strive to provide our crews with everything they need to deliver the best results possible, including top-quality equipment, valuable training, and much more. Using cutting-edge equipment enables us to install the newest products, such as biofiltration and bioretention systems. Our highly-trained crews and management make even the most difficult utility installation projects look easy, delivering the utmost value while completing jobs on time. Using our in-house TV and vac truck equipment guarantees we deliver quality and speed of installation through the testing phase. From conspans and box culverts to underground vaults and detentions systems, we have all of the capabilities you could require.

Our Safety-First Philosophy

Ensuring Worker Safety on a Daily Basis

Maintaining the safety of our personnel is a fundamental part of our philosophy at S.W. Rodgers, and utility installation projects are no exception. We have dedicated safety procedures and programs which are implemented daily to help ensure our job sites are as safe and efficient as possible. Our efforts have helped us build one of the best safety records in our industry, and we are proud to have safety as a top priority every day and in every part of our operations.

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