Electronic Grade Control

Electronic 3D Grade Control Capabilities

S.W. Rodgers Delivers Cutting-Edge 3D Grading Technology

Advances in 3D technology, specifically GPS, laser guidance systems, and robotic instruments, have revolutionized our ability to create precisely-controlled grades quickly, reliably, and efficiently. We use the very latest in 3D modeling and GPS-guided equipment to produce the most precise results available. As the trusted leader in our region, we have all of the in-house staff, software, and equipment needed to complete virtually any GPS and laser-guided earthmoving projects from computer-aided design through overseeing field work and on to completion.

A Leader in Electronic 3D Grade Control

S.W. Rodgers is well known in our industry as a proven leader in electronic 3D grade control, including laser and GPS-guided grading. We are renowned for the outstanding results we have delivered for residential communities, commercial complexes, roadways, ponds, golf courses, athletic fields, and much more.

Precise Results Achieved Safely

Protecting Our Valued Employees from Harm

Not even the most state-of-the-art technology can guarantee the safety of everyone on a job site, but our comprehensive safety program has been proven highly effective time and time again. Our crews are thoroughly trained in all of the most powerful and practical safety procedures, ranging from using the proper gear to effective communication techniques, situational awareness and much more. We value each and every member of the S.W. Rodgers family, so we are proud to make every effort possible to protect their safety through each phase of our site development projects.

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