Celebrating Commitment


On Saturday November 3rd some amazing accomplishments were celebrated.  It was the night of the 2018 Orange & Black Club dinner celebration at the Brass Cannon Restaurant, located at Stonewall Golf Club.  On this evening three new inductees joined the 35-year club: Tony Paige, Marty Chipps and Cecil Summerfield.  This accomplishment recalls too many valuable contributions and accolades to mention, but it also brings to mind something just as important, “Family.”  In this day and age, it seems rare to truly enjoy being around your co-workers, working together to accomplish a goal and to wake up the next day eagerly challenged to do it again.  These men and women are the reason why some of us come to work daily.  It could be a brotherhood, a feeling of accountability or even of family that drives us to accomplish the shared goal.  Those feelings can be hard to find on the jobsite and when they are found they should be acknowledged and celebrated.  So began the Orange and Black Club.


35-year recipients Tony Paige, Rickey Lee and Marty Chipps celebrate with Steve and Reta Rodgers

The Orange & Black Club celebrates the accomplishment of commitment and dedication in years of service.  The recipients joining the 30-year club in 2018 include the following members: Jeff Whiting, Bryan Hyre, Andrew Breeden, Kevin Ratcliff, Robert Payne, TG Morris, Bruce Simpson, Randy Whiting, Tony Given and Rickey Custer.  These 10 individuals join a group that now stands at 25 long-service achievers.


30-year Orange & Black Club members gather for a group shot before dinner

Similarly as impressive, the 2018 25-year inductees include the following individuals: Roy Beckner, Susan Martin, Bill Lackman, Miriam Pearson, Chris Dickerson, Rigoberto Martinez, Brian Stup and Wayne Lane.  This group joins a club that now stands at 27 strong.


25-year Club members pose for a picture at the 2018 Orange & Black Club annual dinner

Following the individual tributes received and several personal anecdotes from the recipients about their professional lives, the newly inducted achievers were honored and presented a gift from the company.  Dinner was served, and the evening was filled with lively stories, hugs and handshakes reminiscent of a large family Thanksgiving feast.  SW Rodgers Company sends out a heartfelt “Thank You” for the continued commitment to all those that we call family.  May you and your loved ones be blessed this holiday season.