Giving Back


This year S.W. Rodgers once again chose to give back to the community and our youth, in the form of some new ball fields.  The Potomac Lakes Sportsplex located in Loudoun County had a couple of playing fields that were in disrepair due to the undesirable soils that they were originally built from.  These fields were useless to the county and treacherous to the community.  SWR stepped up to the challenge and donated equipment and operators to help the HCCA and other member firms tackle this project.  With over 60,000 children participating in youth soccer in Loudoun County, every field is critically needed.  We hope that these fields can again be used without concern and will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Thank you to the operators and supervisors who helped make this a successful and safe project, notably: Bill Hogue, Billy Smith and Gary Randolph.

NBC4 chose to run a clip of the action during their evening broadcast.  Click on the link below and see if you can spot SWR’s trucks.