• Industry Focus

    This week the S.W. Rodgers Company hosted the HCCA’s New Member Breakfast. Current leaders of the industry and new members were acquainted and learned about all of the opportunities that the HCCA provides for industry involvement. Twelve companies have joined the HCCA since January 1. The Heavy Construction Contractors Association, currently lead by HCCA President T.J. Rodgers, is a growing asset of the heavy construction industry.

  • Machine Control Technology Training

    At the S.W. Rodgers Company we continue to lead the industry with our machine control technology. Last week our field operators and foreman stayed at the top of their game with some continuing education of our equipment advancements. Maximizing the equipment efficiencies of laser and GPS machine control helps drive our performance.

  • Fleet Upgrade

    The S.W. Rodgers Company strives to run the freshest equipment fleet in northern Virginia. After months of equipment backorders a few new pieces are being deployed. Our rigorous maintenance program has helped keep us at the forefront of production capabilities. On the trailer is one of Caterpillar’s newly numbered D4 dozers which has taken the place of the older D6 models. Soon to hit the subgrade is a new Caterpillar 120 motor grader. What project can we do for you this year?

  • Josh Allen Receives “Under 40 In Construction Equipment” Award!


    The 10th annual “Under 40 in Construction Equipment Awards” have been announced by Construction Equipment Magazine and S.W. Rodgers Company is excited to congratulate our very own Josh Allen as being named one of the 15 nation-wide award winners included in the Class of 2022.  The awards are presented to professionals in the construction equipment industry throughout the country for leadership skills, inventiveness, interpersonal skills, training, dedication, personal integrity, technical skills, and industry and community involvement.  Josh was nominated for his contributions as an instructor at Lord Fairfax Community College’s Heavy Equipment Operator Fast-Track Career Training Program. He is known as a “Trail Blazer” by the LFCC staff due to his willingness to become the program’s very first instructor. Josh was not only the first instructor for the program but was also instrumental in developing the program for high school, online, and work release students. He is receiving this award because he is a great example of the diverse and vital talent that will lead our industry into the future. His commitment and passion have brought much needed talent to the construction industry and have been instrumental in developing a successful Heavy Equipment Operator Program.  On behalf of Construction Equipment Magazine, Kurt Rodgers, Chuck Rodgers, Miriam Pearson and Donna Comer, (LFCC Program Manager for the HEO Training Program) presented Josh with a commemorative plaque as recognition of his talent, knowledge, hard work and dedication. Congratulations Josh! 

  • 2021 Safe Employee Award recipient John Harmon

    John Harmon and Chris Butler pose for a quick picture with the HCCA’s 2021 Safe Employee Award trophy

    The HCCA’s “2021 Safe Employee Award” was presented to John Harmon on April 6th, 2021, via Zoom teleconference. This recognition by the HCCA is a very personal award and has only been given to a select few. John joins this elite group of professionals who demonstrate exemplary efforts to promote and realize a safe working environment. SWR’s safety department, led by Chris Butler, recognized John’s commendable performance and submitted his application to the HCCA Safety Committee for review.  Applicants for this award must consistently demonstrate excellent safety practices, suggest improvements of current safety practices and demonstrate safe working practices to others. John’s ability to maneuver a lowboy semi-trailer loaded with heavy equipment through the congestion of Northern Virginia without incident is nothing short of incredible. The applicant pool stretches from over 160 member firms and over 32,000 eligible employees. Congratulations John, your dedication and service did not go unnoticed. Sincere thanks to the HCCA’s Safety Committee for this recognition. 

  • FFCRA Document


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    Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act)
  • Signing Day 2019

    The afternoon of June 13th, 2019 will be one of those days that may echo for years to come.  The first ever “Signing Day” took place at the Lord Fairfax Community College campus in Vint Hill.  The room buzzed with excitement as eight graduating high school students from Fauquier and Prince William County signed letters of intent with four HCCA member firms.  The first of its kind program included a nationally recognized curriculum and heavy equipment simulator training for graduating seniors.  The success of this program had many in the audience beaming with excitement about this future path of education.                

    SW Rodgers is proud to be one of the inaugural companies that participated in hiring this years’ class of students.  Not only are we proud to support the young adults graduating from our local communities, but we are extremely excited about the two individuals that choose SW Rodgers as their career path.  Hunter Key and Bradley Tavener (pictured below) signed letters of intent with us and will begin their careers here in the coming days.

    The success of this class of students is also attributable to their instructor.  Josh Allen has been instructing the Heavy Operators Training Course at LFCC for the past couple years.  Josh is a long-time employee of SWR and future leader of this company.   Hunter and Brad are certainly better equipped to tackle the demands of the jobsite after training with Josh over the past semester.  We look forward to seeing these two students grow on the jobsite and wish them much success on their new career paths.  Welcome to the team!

  • Celebrating Commitment


    On Saturday November 3rd some amazing accomplishments were celebrated.  It was the night of the 2018 Orange & Black Club dinner celebration at the Brass Cannon Restaurant, located at Stonewall Golf Club.  On this evening three new inductees joined the 35-year club: Tony Paige, Marty Chipps and Cecil Summerfield.  This accomplishment recalls too many valuable contributions and accolades to mention, but it also brings to mind something just as important, “Family.”  In this day and age, it seems rare to truly enjoy being around your co-workers, working together to accomplish a goal and to wake up the next day eagerly challenged to do it again.  These men and women are the reason why some of us come to work daily.  It could be a brotherhood, a feeling of accountability or even of family that drives us to accomplish the shared goal.  Those feelings can be hard to find on the jobsite and when they are found they should be acknowledged and celebrated.  So began the Orange and Black Club.


    35-year recipients Tony Paige, Rickey Lee and Marty Chipps celebrate with Steve and Reta Rodgers

    The Orange & Black Club celebrates the accomplishment of commitment and dedication in years of service.  The recipients joining the 30-year club in 2018 include the following members: Jeff Whiting, Bryan Hyre, Andrew Breeden, Kevin Ratcliff, Robert Payne, TG Morris, Bruce Simpson, Randy Whiting, Tony Given and Rickey Custer.  These 10 individuals join a group that now stands at 25 long-service achievers.


    30-year Orange & Black Club members gather for a group shot before dinner

    Similarly as impressive, the 2018 25-year inductees include the following individuals: Roy Beckner, Susan Martin, Bill Lackman, Miriam Pearson, Chris Dickerson, Rigoberto Martinez, Brian Stup and Wayne Lane.  This group joins a club that now stands at 27 strong.


    25-year Club members pose for a picture at the 2018 Orange & Black Club annual dinner

    Following the individual tributes received and several personal anecdotes from the recipients about their professional lives, the newly inducted achievers were honored and presented a gift from the company.  Dinner was served, and the evening was filled with lively stories, hugs and handshakes reminiscent of a large family Thanksgiving feast.  SW Rodgers Company sends out a heartfelt “Thank You” for the continued commitment to all those that we call family.  May you and your loved ones be blessed this holiday season.



  • SWR Shines Again!


    Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 was a night of reflection and celebration for S.W. Rodgers.  On that night SWR’s pipe crew foreman Steve Feagans was honored in front of a packed crowd of industry members as he was awarded the HCCA’s 2018 Crisis Management Award.  The S.W. Rodgers family is extremely proud of Steve for using his training to control an emergency situation.  Steve’s calm demeanor helped get medical attention to those in need quickly and he followed it up with controlling the scene to best serve the individuals and entities involved.  Steve listened and learned when taught the safety program at SWR and when he was called into action he executed flawlessly.  Steve’s display of action was extremely worthy of the award bestowed to him and we should all feel even safer when working alongside Mr. Feagans.  Congratulation Steve, you are a most worthy recipient and we thank you for your continued dedication.

    Steve Feagans Safety-3

    SWR’s trucking program was also honored for its continued excellence.  We have some of the safest and best drivers in the industry.  S.W. Rodgers is proud of our entire fleet of drivers and we value the impact their safety has to our continued company success.


    For the third consecutive year, S.W. Rodgers has won an “Excellence in Infrastructure” award.  We may need to confirm some statistical data, but our records indicate that three in a row is a record for consecutive wins.  Our Tanglewood North project was this year’s recipient.  Mike Carroll, Senior Project Manager from Van Metre, was our guest to help receive this year’s honors.  Although there was some stiff competition, Tanglewood North prevailed as the winner due to its challenges overcome, fast paced schedule and overall appeal.  Our industry peers have proven once again that S.W. Rodgers consistently deserves recognition for our continued workmanship, dedication to detail and overall quality.  Congratulations to the SWR team that helped win this award; Superintendent Timmy Ratcliff, Foreman Jimmy Fansler and Foreman Lindsay Jenkins.