SWR Community Service Project

S.W. Rodgers recently participated in a community service project for the Transitional Housing BARN in Prince William County.   The BARN provides clean, safe temporary housing for families in need of a helping hand.  S.W. Rodgers proudly offered our services to help continue the safe standards of living.  SWR was the “tip of the sword” in conjunction with several other member firms of the HCCA, to reconstruct the aging parking lot.  SWR employees engaged in breaking out and re-pouring an existing concrete slab that was sadly in need of repair.  Our crews added value to this project by using our expertise and suggesting additional reinforcement to the slab and calculating a perfect load of concrete to be used for the project while not wasting valuable resources.  We were also able to recycle the existing slab which will be crushed into aggregate and reused on a future project.  The project being sponsored by the HCCA is just one of the ways our industry is giving back.  SWR has provided one less obstacle for the families of The BARN to overcome in their difficult journey.  Outstanding work S.W. Rodgers Co.


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