On a cool, overcast Saturday last week, Team SWR sported some bright new gear as they competed in the 1st annual “Ditch Diggers Dash 5K.”  Over 30 SWR employees and their families registered for the event and through perseverance, endurance and pure power were able to take home a 3rd place team finish.  Of the 150 registered competitors, Kamryn Bishop, daughter of SWR Project Manager Kris Bishop, took home a 1st place medal for the under 15 years of age division.  Congratulations Kamryn!

Competitors and spectators enjoyed the team and industry comradery as they finished the race at Old Bust Head Brewery.  The atmosphere was lively and energetic following the race as participants relaxed and refueled using the race’s provided beverage tickets.  Bragging rights were established and excuses were plentiful as the afternoon came to a close.

S.W. Rodgers is proud of all those who participated and trained for the event.  Here’s to the hope of healthier habits being established and maintained throughout the year to compete once again in 2017.  Cheers to all SWR athletes.