SWR Shines Again!


Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 was a night of reflection and celebration for S.W. Rodgers.  On that night SWR’s pipe crew foreman Steve Feagans was honored in front of a packed crowd of industry members as he was awarded the HCCA’s 2018 Crisis Management Award.  The S.W. Rodgers family is extremely proud of Steve for using his training to control an emergency situation.  Steve’s calm demeanor helped get medical attention to those in need quickly and he followed it up with controlling the scene to best serve the individuals and entities involved.  Steve listened and learned when taught the safety program at SWR and when he was called into action he executed flawlessly.  Steve’s display of action was extremely worthy of the award bestowed to him and we should all feel even safer when working alongside Mr. Feagans.  Congratulation Steve, you are a most worthy recipient and we thank you for your continued dedication.

Steve Feagans Safety-3

SWR’s trucking program was also honored for its continued excellence.  We have some of the safest and best drivers in the industry.  S.W. Rodgers is proud of our entire fleet of drivers and we value the impact their safety has to our continued company success.


For the third consecutive year, S.W. Rodgers has won an “Excellence in Infrastructure” award.  We may need to confirm some statistical data, but our records indicate that three in a row is a record for consecutive wins.  Our Tanglewood North project was this year’s recipient.  Mike Carroll, Senior Project Manager from Van Metre, was our guest to help receive this year’s honors.  Although there was some stiff competition, Tanglewood North prevailed as the winner due to its challenges overcome, fast paced schedule and overall appeal.  Our industry peers have proven once again that S.W. Rodgers consistently deserves recognition for our continued workmanship, dedication to detail and overall quality.  Congratulations to the SWR team that helped win this award; Superintendent Timmy Ratcliff, Foreman Jimmy Fansler and Foreman Lindsay Jenkins.